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The purpose of this project is to create and maintain a PowerShell Snap-In that allows consumers of Amazon's EC2 service to manage their computing resources via PowerShell.

Getting Started

This project is the companion project for Windows PowerShell Snap-In for GoGrid. EC2 is an on-demand computing resource where you can dynamically provision servers to handle computing tasks. This project aims to produce a wrapper around the Amazon EC2 C# library which allows system administrators to use PowerShell to provision servers on EC2. At the moment this project is only in its initial phases, but we expect the list of Cmdlets to steadily increase over time.


The Windows PowerShell Snap-In for EC2 provides a range of Cmdlets that drive Amazon EC2 C# library. The list of available Cmdlets will expand over time if demand is shown. Leave a comment if there is a Cmdlet that you deperately need.

Image Cmdlets

The following Cmdlet is used to enumerate the list of available images for creating servers.

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